Event News: Lancaster-Fairfield County Charity Newsies
group of men and women standing together posing for group photo
Pictured L-R: Jim Iles, Lou Ellen Reef, Jim Draper, John Reef, Ted Keller, Mike Wohrer, John Little, Gale Barry, Mike Purcell, Jim Bowes, Greg Russell, Jim Lehman, John Bowland, Bill Clemens, Bill Rhonemus and Barb Eck.
Not pictured: Kevin Yeamans and Bob Williams.
Saturday, August 11, 2018, saw Lancaster Fairfield County Charity Newsies members interviewing representatives of some 400 less fortunate Fairfield County families for the purpose of providing new “Back-To-School” clothes for more than 900 area students grades 1 through 12 investing more than $95,000 in this worthwhile program. The Lancaster Fairfield County Charity Newsies believe children must be properly fed, properly equipped and properly clothed to maximize their learning potential. Newsies try to provide two complete changes of clothes including pants, tops, packages of socks and gender-specific underwear. Newsies may also provide shoes, boots, hats, gloves/mittens and in-classroom emergency clothing.

Families served by the
Fairfield County Charity Newsies have annual income no greater than the federal government’s unadjusted poverty level and size of family. For example: Family of 6 would likely have priority over a family of 5 which would possibly have priority over a family of 4. Single parent families with multiple children may get extra consideration.

It is our generous community that makes this effort possible. In June each year you participate in our “Queen for a Day” Lancaster
Fairfield County Charity Newsies Lady’s Invitational Golf Tournament - some statewide sporting press has declared this tournament as one of Ohio’s premier all-ladies sports events.

When fall arrives, you participate in the
Lancaster Fairfield County Charity Newsies Vic Sabo Memorial Invitational Golf Tournament.

In late fall into mid-winter you help by “purchasing” a
Newsies heart.

The 1st Thursday in December you help by attending our annual “Sports (other neat things, too) Auction and Banquet - and successfully bidding on - buying - unique items.

The 2nd Saturday each December you help when you purchase a
Lancaster Fairfield County Charity Newsies Special Edition Newspaper published and donated by the Lancaster Eagle Gazette and Gannett. The LEG has partnered with local Newsies since our founding in 1936; this newspaper sale is our “Signature” event.

For potential Newsies assistance, please call 211.
Commencing the end of July through August 20th (2017), the Lancaster-Fairfield County Charity Newsies purchased new ‘Back-To-School’ clothing for 1,008 less fortunate Fairfield County students after interviewing representatives from nearly 500 area families.

The objective of
Charity Newsies is to provide each child with a semblance of two complete changes of clothes including pants, tops, shoes, packages of socks and underwear.

During the 2017 effort
Newsies invested >$108,000 in Fairfield County children. Charity Newsies later provided assistance with new coats, boots, hats, gloves/mittens; the organization’s teacher-recommended, grade specific school supplies program is always ongoing.

Charity Newsies annual ‘Back-To-School’ clothing effort is well-chaired by Jim Bowes, Newsies chief investigator. Stephanie Brown, Newsies area schools coordinator, works with area teachers to provide school supplies and in-classroom emergency clothing.
Bill Clemens
John Bowland
Pictured are Bill Clemens and John Bowland as each interviews one of the family representatives.

Other Newsies participating in the interviews were Bob Williams, John Thompson, John Little, John and Lou Ellen Reef, Jim and Jeanne Draper, Karla Griggs, Jim Iles, Gale Barry, Joe Hoover, Kevin Yeamans, Fred Strawser and Bowes.
Bob Williams
Kevin Yeamens
John Little
Joe Hoover
Jim Iles
Jeanne and Jim Draper
Lou Ellen Reef
John Reef
John Thompson
Jim Bowes
Gale Berry